Symfony2 – Removing the acme demo

Lets begin

Everything in Symfony2 uses or is a bundle [a collection of code that serves a single useful purpose]. In order to use the bundle it has to be registered in some way. This “Registration” takes place in the AppKernel.php. any bundle that you create, will be registered here.

So the files we will be editing is app/AppKernel.php, app/config/routing_dev.yml and we will be removing the src/Acme folder.

The App Kernel

here we have to remove the line $bundles[] = new Acme\DemoBundle\AcmeDemoBundle();

 The routing_dev.yml

any route prefixed with _demo and _welcome can be removed

 Deleting the Acme Directory

Now the only thing left to do is delete the src/Acme folder, and that’s  it!


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